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Tee Dee Dees was founded in 2020 by Ori Mark in Tel Aviv. Its debut album, "1^2=1”, is planned to be released in 2021. Combining indie rock and indie pop, bright synths and dark guitars, Tee Dee Dees wants to make you dance. And then cry. And then dance again.

music & lyrics by Ori Mark
musical production & arrangements & all instruments by Ben Shopen & Ori Mark
drums: Tomer Z


Additional recordings:
Pasha oak (bass), Jango (bass), Karni Postel (cello) 

mixed by Ben Shopen & Ronen Roth
mastered by Ronen Hillel and Aran Lavi

logo design: Eszter Laki, Studio NUR

We’re here:

+972 50 211 3740

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